A-A2S6 - 2 Door Saloon


All had a Black roof, unless ordered in the optional monotone exterior. Wheels either in Cream or pale Grey.

Farina Grey/Tan trim, or Tartan Red trim with Farina Grey piping, or Ocean Blue trim with Farina Grey piping; Tartan Red/Black trim with Tartan Red piping; Horizon Blue/Blue trim; Sutherland Green/Grey trim with Sutherland Green piping; Ocean Blue/Grey trim with Ocean Blue piping; Black/Red, Blue, Grey or tan trim.

Only about a dozen Mk I A40s were produced to special order with hide trim.

A few early cars were produced in Horizon Blue/Tan trim, but only for a short period.
There were some odd cars in the very first batch:
Two cars were produced in Cloud Grey:
102 was trimmed in Red and dispatched to Capetown on 25 July 1958
106 was trimmed in Tan and dispatched to Canada on 30 July 1958

Two cars were produced in Willow Green with tan trim:
103, which went to Rotterdam on 16 September 1958
107, which went to Dar es Salaam on 1 August 1958

The only basic saloon produced in the first 50 was in Cloud Grey with Red trim, and this went to Zurich on 31 July 1958. Only five Willow Green and five Cloud Grey cars were produced. All were in the first 20 cars and all went abroad.

Apart from these oddities, and car number 8509, which was produced in 'Special Grey' with Dove Grey hide for Sir Leonard Lord on 30 December 1958, all production cars conformed to the original list of six colours with Black roofs. Cars were only produced with optional monotone exteriors from mid-1959 onwards.

In November 1960, one car was produced with a special paint try-out. This car, A2S6 135,159, was in Surf Blue with a Farina Grey roof and Horizon Blue trim.

In June 1961, five cars were produced in special paint try-outs, and some of the colours would be seen later on the Mk II cars. They were all saloons: 155,379 was in Cumulus Grey with a Snowberry White roof and Hazelnut trim; 155,382 was in Agate Red with a Black roof and Cardinal Red trim; 156,007 was in Embassy Maroon with a Black roof and Biscuit trim; 156,037 was in Blue Royale with an Ocean Blue roof and Ocean Blue trim; 156,040 was in Persian Blue with a Farina Grey roof and Horizon Blue trim. All, except the Blue Royale car, are recorded as having Snowberry White wheels and instrument board.