A-A2S9 - 2 Door Saloon & A-AW9 - Countryman

Cumulus Grey* with Cardinal Red or Cumulus Grey trim.
Agate Rred* with Cardinal red or Satin Beige trim.
Horizon Blue* with Horizon Blue trim.
Snowberry White* with Cumulus Grey, Cardinal Red 0 Horizon Blue trim.
Embassy Maroon with Satin Beige trim; Black with Cardinal Red trim.
Black with Satin Beige or Hazelnut trim**

Cumulus grey/Snowberry White roof with Cardinal Red trim (or Cumulus grey trim*).
Agate Red/Black roof with Cardinal Red trim (or Satin beige or black trim*).
Horizon blue/black roof with Horizon blue or black trim.
Fern Green/Snow berry white roof with green trim**.
Snowberry White/Cumulus Grey roof with Cardinal Red trim (or Cumulus Grey or Horizon Blue trim*).
Embassy Maroon/Black roof with Cumulus Grey trim*.
Black/Cumulus Grey roof with Cardinal Red or Hazelnut trim.

*Export only.
**Home market only.

Apart from the changes listed below, the same colour combinations were available to the end of A40 production.

On 8 August 1963, a saloon was turned out in Glen Green with a Snowberry White: roof. It was a paint try-out, and in December 1963, Glen Green was brought in as a replacement for Fern Green. Glen Green was for the home market only, and the cars were in monotone or with a Snowberry White roof. Only Satin Beige trim was available with Glen Green.

On 5 March 1964, a car was produced with a monotone Embassy Maroon exterior and another with monotone Horizon Blue exterior; both had Black trim.

On 6 March 1964 Hazelnut trim reappeared in a Black car with Cumulus Grey roof, but only about half a dozen similar cars were produced.

On 1 June 1964, a Countryman was turned out in monotone 'new' Maroon and Satin Beige trim. This colour became known as 'Maroon B' and replaced Embassy Maroon from June 1964 onwards. Maroon B cars were available in monotone with Satin Beige trim. Cars in Maroon B were available for export with a Black roof and Cumulus Grey trim.

By November 1964, very few cars were being turned out in Cumulus Grey trim, and by December 1964; the trim choice was Cardinal Red, Horizon Blue or Satin Beige.