AS4 - 4 Door Saloon & A2S4 - 2 Door Saloon


The same range continued into AS4 and A2S4 production, but most of the A2S4 produced in 1953 were in black.

In late 1953 and early 1954, several A2S4 (A30 two- door saloons) were produced with contrasting roofs. For example: Coronet Cream with Red or Sandringham Fawn roof; Balmoral Blue with Windsor Grey roof; Chelsea Grey with Medium Blue roof; Sandringham Fawn with Coronet Cream roof; Medium Blue with Chelsea Grey roof; Windsor Grey with Balmoral Blue roof. (Australian Monthly Motor Manual of March 1953 quotes A30 colours available there as: Fern Green, Pastel Green, Light Grey, Pastel Blue, Beige and Black.)

The Coronation colours continued until late October 1954, when the following appeared: Tweed Grey/Red, Spruce Green/Beige, Chestnut/Beige, Mid-Blue/Beige, Black/Red or Beige trim. The odd car or two were produced in Chelsea Grey/Red.

Same range continues, except Chestnut disappears and Mid-Blue becomes Reef Blue. Chelsea Grey came into full use at the end of June. At the end of October, a completely new range of colours appeared: Tintern Green/Green, Cardigan Grey/Red, Conway Blue/Beige, Black/Red or Beige trims.

The above continued in use, except that at the beginning of the year, Cardigan Grey was replaced by Tweed Grey/Red.
In February, Streamline Blue was introduced and Chelsea Grey/Red and Spruce Green reappeared. The latter now had green trim in place of beige. These seven colours continued in use to the end of A30 production, but further trim options appeared, giving 14 different colour and trim combinations. They were: Black/Green, Red or Beige trim; Tweed Grey/Red trim; Chelsea Grey/Red or Green trim; Tintern Green/Green or Beige trim; Spruce Green/Green or Beige trim; Conway Blue/Blue or Beige trim; Streamline Blue/Blue or Beige trim.

A considerable number of A30s were trimmed in hide to special order, although it was only a very small proportion of total production. The normal trim was in leathercloth.