AS5 - 4 Door Saloon, A2S5 - 2 Door Saloon, AP5 - Countryman & AV5 - 5-cwt Van


The majority of very early A35 vans were in Westminster Green or Windsor Grey. Other colours were County Cream, Tweed Grey and Spruce Green. Quite a few vans were produced in other colours to special order, and others were turned out in primer. All early vans had Brown trim, except one or two to special order.

The Countryman colours were those of the van, but Countryman models were trimmed in Fawn, except to special order.

1957 - -February 1962
A few Westminster Green vans were produced at the beginning of 1957, but by the end of January, the colours were: County Cream, Tweed Grey, Spruce Green or Island Blue. These colours continued until the end of A V5 production.

The beginning of 1957 saw the introduction of co-ordinated trim for the vans. County Cream and Tweed Grey/Cherry, Island Blue/Blue, Spruce Green/Green. Vans with Brown trim continued in production, but in fewer and fewer numbers, and in March 1957 Brown trim was dropped. A Black van with Cherry trim was built for the Paris Show on 4 September 1957.

The Countryman used the same colours as the van, but continued with its fawn trim until March 1957, when Spruce green/green began to appear. Other Countryman models were produced in the co-ordinated trim combinations of the vans to special order.

The Countryman gradually appeared in the same co-ordinated trim as the vans during 1958, and by March the Fawn trim had been dropped. One or two Black/Red trim Countryman versions were produced to special order.

During 1960 and 1961, large numbers of A35 van bodies were painted at the Morris bodies plant at Coventry.