AV4 - 5-cwt Van & AP4 - Countryman


August 1954 onwards
The first four vans were in Green/Tan, but from then on, they were in Green, Grey or primer, all with Brown trim.

The first Countryman was produced in Red and Cream with Red trim for the Earls Court Commercial Show. Otherwise, the Countryman was produced in the same colour and trim as the van, except for an occasional Countryman in Cream.

These colours continued until February, when the range for van and Countryman became:
Campbell Cream, Windsor Grey, Westminster Green or primer, all had Brown trim.
By the end of March, Fawn trim was introduced for all Countryman models.
In August, County Cream replaced Campbell Cream.

The same range continued into 1956, but Spruce Green was added at the end of June.