A-A2S6 - 2 Door Saloon

Cassis Nos. Description
101 - 169,711

C 11,073:
Self-cancelling indicators with timer introduced.
B 18,081:
Windscreen wipers sweep through larger angle.
B 20,69S:
Sealing rubber fitted to rear bonnet drain channel to prevent engine fumes entering car via fresh-air grille.
B 20,760:
Petrol-tank filler grommet altered to improve sealing.
B 26,269:
'Flying A' removed from bonnet
C 27,042:
Sound-insulation board fitted to front bulkhead. Roof light fitted on driver's side to replace courtesy bulb under fascia.
Rear trim panels extended to rear of body.
Hinged boot floor fitted in place of spare-wheel cover.
C 27,579 RH and 27,338 LH:
Accelerator-shaft seal modified to improve dust sealing.
C 28,797 RH and 28,132 LH:
Improved ignition switch fitted.
C 35,553:
Rubber dust-excluder ring no longer fitted to headlamps.
C 44,447 RH and 44,412 LH (A2S6) :
22-amp C40/l dynamo fitted to replace previous 19-amp unit.
New dynamo has larger air vents and cooling fan or increased diameter.
New control box fitted to suit high-output dynamo at body number A2S6 33,698.
B 50,918:
Sun-visor improved design.
B 53, 774:
Choke knob incorporated on moulding for heater control panel.
B 56,525 (A2S6)
B 1,329 (A-AW6) :

Clip added at joint of dash panel and toeboard to secure heater control cable to improve operation of cable and to eliminate vibration and possible fouling against the brake pipes and electrical equipment.
B 59,635:
Improved rear number-plate light.
B 60,709 RH and 61,513 LH:
Finger-pull fitted to glove box in place of quick-release catch.
C 67,093 RH
C 67,151 LH
Strengthened seat for front springs.
C 82,696 RH and 81,637 LH (A2S6)
C 87,811 RH and 88,520 LH (A W6)
Steering idler with push-on cap replaced by one with cover bolted to body.
C 82,888 RH and 82,231 LH:
Rubber bushes fitted to both pins of rear shackle.
Grease nipples deleted from upper bushes.
C 86,350 (B 60,541) (A2S6)
C 86,430
(B 2,385) (AW6):
New windscreen wiper arms and blades fitted to prevent scratched windscreen.
Rigid bayonet fixing prevents transverse movement of previous hook fixing.
C 129,107 (A2S6)
C 128,618 (AW6)
Air cleaner redesigned to allow movement of air intake towards exhaust manifold in winter to prevent icing of carburettor.