A-A2S9 - 2 Door Saloon & A-AW9 - Countryman

Cassis Nos. Description
50,201 - 172,897

50,251 - 172,360

A2S9 and AW9 - In early cars, instances were reported of the brake pipes from the four-way connection to the front brake hoses fouling the steering box and the apertures in the front wings. The cure was to reposition the brake pipes. There were also instances of the speedometer cable rubbing against the pipes from the brake and clutch master cylinders. The cure was to re-route the speedo cable to midway between the clutch and brake cylinders.

B 22,226 (A-A2S9):
Framed interior driving mirror introduced.
B 51,842 (A-A2S9)
B 20,295 (A-AW9)
Wood-grain fascia introduced. .
C 152,302 (A2S9)
C 151,710 (AW9)
Shallower, two-stepped hub cap replaces three-stepped type.
C 159,315 (A2S9)
C 161,047 (AW9
Plastic battery tray replaces board type.