AP4 - Countryman

Cassis Nos. Description
73,987 - 223,678

E 75,588:
Third parallel compression ring replaced by tapered version to improve oil consumption.
C 79,639:
Hole in swivel axle for upper bush increased in diameter to same as that for lower bush to facilitate production.
Inside diameter of bush unaltered.
E 102,987-103,000
E 103,547
Fuel trap fitted to vacuum ignition control pipe.
C 123,335
E 123,335:
Oil filled ignition coil for longer life.
E 127,918-128,000
E 128,066
New cylinder-block drain tap requires no washer.
C 138,909-139,000
C 139,139

E 138,909-139,000
E 139,139
26JS carburettor replaced by 26VME.
E 152,491:
New distributor housing with UNF threads in place of BSF.
E 172,130-173,000
E 173,100
Gear selectors altered to improve gearchange.
C 212,299:
Solid steering cross-rod introduced to replace tubular type.
Track-rod ends now have female thread.
B 21,018:
New front bucket seals.