AS3 - 4 Door Saloon

Cassis Nos. Description

C 234 LH and 31S RH:
Dowel fitted to gearbox front cover.
E 474:
Parallel compression rings fitted to second groove of piston to improve lubrication of cylinder bore.
E 475:
Improved oil pump introduced to prevent misalignment of the driving shaft.
C 599 LH and 601 RH:
Gearchange lightened by altering cone angles of gears.
E 855 (C 992):
New hubs fitted. Wheels secured with studs and nuts rather than set screws.
C 1019:
Axle ratio changed from 5.143:1 (7/36) to 5.125:1(8/41).
C 1051 LH and 1060 RH: -
Petrol pipe changed from left to right of vehicle
C 1264 RH and 1268 LH: -
Thread on swivel axle changed from BSF to UNF.
B 1457:
New-type interior mirror with three-point fixing to improve rear visibility.
B 2006:
Heater switch - where fitted - positioned on fascia centre panel, replacing trafficator switch.
Trafficator switch moved to outer right-or left-hand lower edge of fascia panel and mounted on bracket
B 2202:
Bucket seats increased in width.
B 2709:
Dual wipers fitted.
C 2768 RH and 2794 LH:
Headlamp with non-split rim fitted.
C 2790 LH and 2847 RH:
Twin stop- and tail-Iamps standard fittings.
Twin reflectors and centrally placed stop- and tail-lamp discontinued.
Central number-plate lamp fitted.
C 3030 LH and 3275 RH:
Worm-and-nut steering gear fitted as alternative to peg-and-cam.
C 4979 RH and 5048 LH:
Spare-wheel mount moved from centre to right-hand side of rear seat panel to increase boot capacity.
E 6290:
Engine sling brackets increased from 3 in. to 3 ½ in.
C 6666 RH and 6682 LH:
New type of ignition switch with barrel lock and keys replaces knob type.
C 8655 LH and 8656 RH:
Shape of brake drums modified to attain closer proximity to road wheel to prevent water entering adjustment holes.
Two screws fitted to ensure drum fits securely to hub during brake adjustment with wheel removed.
E 9622:
Dynamo lubricated with felt pad rather than grease-packed lubricator..
E 9960:
Fan and water-pump pulley strengthened to eliminate risk of breakage.
B 9989:
Master-cylinder inspection plate increased in size and fitted with rubber seal in place of felt to prevent water entering vehicle.
B 10,749:
Strap-type door-pull fitted to all doors
C 13,675 RH and 13,676 LH:
Brass and rubber bush replaces oilite bush at gearbox end of clutch pedal shaft for silent operation.
New bush should only be used at gearbox end of shaft.
E 13,862:
Newjoint washer between oil pump and crankcase to reduce risk of incorrect assembly.
B 14,780:
Front-seat cushion inner valance modified to clear tunnel better. Seats now handed.
B 14,830:
External hinges used on boot lid.
Combined boot handle and lock fitted to replace locking key.
Prop rod introduced to support open lid.
C 15,779 RH and 15,786 LH:
New rear-axle gear- carrier assembly with reduced offset of bevel pinion from crown-wheel centre.
E 17,957:
New flywheeI ring gear introduced to improve security of gear.
B 20,186:
Rear seat redesigned to improve access and increase legroom.
E 20,961:
Petrol pump fitted with priming lever.
E 21,520 (C 21,3141 RH and 21,408 LH):
Ignition coil mounted on dynamo instead of dash panel to comply with ignition-suppression regulations.
B 24,120:
Prop rod for boot lid moved from left to right of boot.
C29,437 RH and 29,385 LH:
Second-speed synchronizer modified to hold first-speed wheel firmly in engagement and stop tendency of early cars to jump out of gear under heavy load.

June 1953:
Exterior sun-visors introduced.
Retail price, £3 16s 0d.
Underside painted non-reflecting matt green ready for use.
Top in red-oxide primer.
August 1953: -
4-watt side-light bulbs instead of 6-watt to cut current consumption-particularly when parked.
September 1953:
Front and rear door casings made from hardboard instead of millboard to obviate the risk of distortion due to moisture absorption.
November 1953:
Non-lockable petrol filler cap fitted.
Lockable cap only available as extra.