AS5 - 4 Door Saloon, A2S5 - 2 Door Saloon, AP5 - Countryman & AV5 - 5-cwt Van

Cassis Nos. Description
103 - 205,108

112 - 203,980

357 - 282,527

392 - 78,987

204 - 282,531

B 93,504 (A2S5)
B 455,631 (AS5)
Rubber mats introduced to replace front carpets in blue, green or red rubber to match trim.
This took place in late 1956 after production of 4500 A2S5 and 630 AS5.

February 1957 (all models):
Simple door-pull introduced to replace escutcheon and pull-strap.
February 1958 (AV5):
Scuttle and sill-side carpets replaced by scuttle casing in hardboard.

C 93,507:
Improved dip-switch introduced to eliminate dead spot, which could occur between full- beam and dipped-beam.
C high-compression 106,712 and low- compression 106,588:
New clutch-driven plate introduced to obviate any roughness in the transmission.
Plate can be identified by green mark on its hub.
C 106,769 RH and 106,071 LH (AS5)
C 106,762 RH and 105,991 LH (A2S5)
C 107,135 RH and 108,016 LH (AV5)
C 107,812 RH and 108,150 LH (AP5)
Rubber seating pads positioned on either side of rear springs in place of original fibre pad seating.
C 208,743 LH and 209,634 RH (AP5)
C 210,216 RH and 210,320 LH (AV5)
22-amp C40/1 dynamo fitted to replace previous 19-amp unit.
New dynamo has larger air vents and cooling fan of increased diameter.
New control boxes fitted to suit high output dynamo at B 94,021 (AP5) and B 9,400 (AV5).
C 218,191 RH and 217,642 LH (AVS)
C 217,110 (AP5)
Stronger flanged section at base of rear road-spring seat to improve rigidity